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SBI Online Secruity tips for Online banking, Internet Mobile Login Banking Secruity Measures

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15 Things you can do with online sbi :

1. E-Ticketing
2. SBI E-Tax
3. Bill Payment
4. Eztrade@sbi
6. E-Payment
7. Fund Transfer
8. Third Party Transfer
9. Demand Draft
10.Cheque Book Request
11. Account Opening Request
12. Account Statement
13. Transaction Enquiry
14. Demat Account Statement
15. Donation is the Internet banking portal for State Bank of India. Internet banking portal provides anywhere, anytime, online access to accounts for State Bank’s Retail and Corporate customers. At this website, you can discover a simple and convenient way to pay your utility bills online and also you can shop online with your SBI account. First you see the green color on the site url which represents the safe for having online process . In addition, you can pay direct and indirect tax online, and transfer funds to any account in the state. Internet banking services make the life of people more convenient and easy. How to open online banking/net banking accounts in banks , will be held in which your banking account . – Remit Money To India with SBI Bank India – Transfer Money to India.

What’s New in SBI Online Banking?

* Top Up SBI Debit cum Transit Card for BMRCL new
* E-payment of Punjab Transport Dept Dues
* W.B Govt Motor Vehicle Taxes & Fees
* SBI Fx Trade: Currency Future Trading
* Viewing of Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS)
* Payment of 'National Permit' Fee
* Gift Card Request
* Instant Term Deposits (e-TDR/e-STDR)
* Pension Slip Enquiry
* TDS Enquiry
* Transfer funds to any Bank from your SBI Account using RTGS/NEFT Facility.
* Now, pay Karnataka Government Commercial Tax payment (VAT).
* Now, pay Maharashtra VAT and CST online.
* Now you can pay Maharashtra New Vehicle Registration Taxes and Fees through Internet banking.
* Viewing of Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS).
* Charges for Online Draft issue request up to Rs.10, 000/- waived, Concessional Charges for amount beyond Rs.10, 000/- for Retail Internet Banking customers.
* Online NRI e-Z trade 3 in 1 account introduced.
* Open Term deposit accounts online and get e-TDR/e-STDR receipts instantly.
* Access your pension slip through enquiry menu.
* Enquire about tax deducted on the interest earned by your deposits.

Some Important Security Tips for Internet banking:

Security tips Do's and Dont's :

* Access your bank website only by typing the URL in the address bar of your browser.
* Never logon to Internet Bank via an email link. Remember Bank couldn’t send you email with logon link.
* Never logon to your internet bank account on public computer.
* Check that the padlock at the bottom of the page shows that you are safe and secure websites.
* Always check the last log-in date and time in the post login page.
* Never answer to email that asks for your personal credit card/debit card or any account number and password. No bank will ask you for these details in an email.
* Always use your Bank Account by typing Bank sites directly. If you don’t know the bank site, go and contact your bank personally they provide you all the details.
* If someone call you as introduce them as Bank Employee and ask your bank account details, never expose them and report this to your bank personally.
* If you fall casualty to an attack, act instantly to protect yourself. Alert your bank about the casualty.
* Avoid opening you bank account on public computer or cyber cafĂ©. If it’s so urgent then change the password immediately when you reach your home computer.

Password Related Tips:

* Avoid you and your family name in password , make your pass word as strong alphanumeric and symbols , overall make it strong , and don't save any where on the system .
* You login name and password should be different.
* Avoid Dictionary words in any language because Hacker can guess your password by firing dictionary attacks.
* Make your password Lengthy. Your password should be 8 or more than 8 characters.
* Avoid Sequences or repeated characters – “123456” or “44444444”.
* Combine your passwords with Letters, numbers, and symbols. Use both upper and lower characters.
* Scan your computer regularly with Antivirus to ensure that the system is Virus/Trojan free.
* Use the entire keyboard in your password. Don’t use most common characters.
* Don’t reveal your password to others.
* Avoid using online password storage.
* Never written down the password to some notes, if this notes is lost then it’s easy for someone to guess your future password according to your previous password.
* Don’t use password which is similar to your computer or other social networking sites because it’s easy to steal password from your computer and social networking sites.
* Upgrade your antivirus and browser to new one.
* While doing internet banking, change your browser mode to “private browsing”. This will delete your all cookies and files from your computer. All leading browser have this facility like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.
* Follow the bank policy, change your password every time when they promoted or you change your password every 10 days.

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