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Subject : Vikrama Simhapuri University Has changed From VSU to

website of vikramasimhapuri university, The simhapuri University Has changed his web portal to vsu to The VSU, is the university established for Higher Education in the year of 2008, in the district of SPSR Nellore.Not only this university but also it paves the way for the establishment six new Universities in six districts in Andhra Pradesh. Now the vsu university has changed it's webportal to the new one named :, which id presently working under the leadership of Prof. G. Rajarami Reddy, Vice-Chancellor, Prof. V. Narayana Reddy Registrar. This university does Administration, Academics,Announcements, Colleges, Auction of Unserviceable articles, Faculty Recruitment. Right To Information Act, PG Syllabus 2012,  Circulars , VSU Affiliations, Downloads, International Symposium, University News, Results, Facilities And Services, Photo Gallery, Archives, Prevention of Ragging, College Info, GO's and etc at which is the home page of the shimpuri uni portal.
Vikrama Simhapuri University Logo
Some Important Websites :
For Results portal :
For PG Syllabus :

Vision :
    To educate, to train, and to conduct research in areas of knowledge that contribute to the nation’s knowledge-wealth production
    To be in constant quest for quality and excellence in the field of higher education
    To aim at the production of a human resource base that meets global manpower requirements in frontier areas of knowledge
    To train the youth in the values of secularism, humanism, tolerance, ethical values and  the momentous tasks of the reconstruction of humanity

Mission :
    To lead the students towards participating in the nation’s socio-economic development with competence and character by training them to play a lead role in a knowledge society drawing upon the fruits of the Information and Communication Technology revolution
    To conduct teaching and research and address issues in areas that reconcile national developmental needs and regional priorities and resources
    To promote and propagate innovative teaching and research programmers and create specialilized centers of learning / training
    To create the ambience for the University-Industry interaction to foster in the students the outlook for acquiring the know-how and the do-how associated with the development and utilization of cutting edge technologies
    To develop collaborations with leading national and international agencies in areas of knowledge that enrich the students’ mind and enlarge their horizon so as to provide rewarding campus experience to them
    To develop paradigms of public-private partnerships for the development of academic and infrastructure development of the University
    To foster a sense of the importance of the third dimension of education and to harness  and mobilize youth power to serve humanity and the community at large
    To help strengthen the values of egalitarianism and democracy
    To help the students launch on a path of self-discovery

Address : 
Dargamitta Nellore - 524 003,
Sri Potti Sriramulu (Dist),
Andhra Pradesh,
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