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Monday, June 16, 2014

Subject : Andhra Pradesh Pink Ration Card, White Ration Card Details Checking Online at .

The Andhra Pradesh which holds a massive number of Ration Cards of Colors of Pink and White which represents the Status of the family of the society, whether he is poor or middle class people. For this the Government has provided a new way to search For details of Ration card in AP ration card Information at it's official website : .

Andhra Pradesh Ration cards are of two types.White Card and Pink Card. White cards will be issued to the people who have annual income less than 11,000 and the Pink cards will be issued to the one who have income more than 11,000. All the New Ration Cards will be given by MRO after the approval of District Collector on doing proper enquiry on the particular applicant. The Details includes Serial No. Card Number, Cardholder Name, Door.No, Occupation, Annual Income etc..,You can check AP Ration Card Details, Information from the websites mentioned.

If the People who have newly created a ration card in AP or Edited Ration Card Details , Missing Ration card Details in the  Andhra Pradesh Government , which has made it easy by checking themselves simply going to online centers and check in the official website , which never takes any login ID Just By submitting as

By this checking the users can check whether the ration card in verified of cleared or ration card rejected with any remarks all the complete information will be placed on the website itself. The Information must be saved and take any printout for any more details like family members details must be saved and given to the required officers when your details are given, at that time there will be chances for missing of many items by the suppliers to whom the details are given. This can be checked via districts itself which the Ration Card information displays   

Checking Process :

To know about the ration card details you should click the Analysis Reports box which is near the home screen button-when the button is clicked four different page link will be displayed. In that links, you must click the key register to know the ration card related details.
Later, you must provide some other details like providing the place like State, District, Mandal, Village. Where the page provides all districts in which each district is selected it shows mandals/village in that by providing these one this results, all the wards will be displayed from that your ward must be selected and then the three buttons below will be seen.
In that the first button is your details, the second button is used to save the details required by you in PDF file format the third button will help you to save the file in the Excel sheet, so you can see the required details related to you. Thus the government helps to find the required details relating to ration card in the website .


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