SBI 2014 Clerical GA, GK, Current Affairs Questions So Far Asked On 2nd, 3rd August

Subject : SBI Clerk Examination Held on 2nd August, 2014 Morning Session and 3rd August, 2014 Evening Session.

SBI Clerical Cader Question Paper Download in PDF Version.

The SBI Clerk/Assistants/Clerical Examination which was held on the first day 19th of July to 30th of August 2014, such a long span of examination, that means around 35 Lac students are ready to attend the exam. The Exam will be held on the Both the sessions like Morning as well as Evening Shifts.

Questions with Answers will be given soon :

1. What is the minimum duration of fixed deposit – 7 days.
2. Bank Comes under Differentiate banks – Small banks and payment banks.
3. Under which committee NO-FRILLS account under financial inclusion comes – Mr k.C. Chakrabarthy.
4. Which Bank started ATM service first of all in India – HSBC.
5. Local area banking system started in – 1996.
6. Universal electronic banking account (UEBA) under the guide lines of RBI, minimum age to open this account – 18+ years.
7. The first bank which introduced BIO-ATM – AXIS bank.
8. Name of the web portal launched by the Union Govt during July 2014 for enabling government-citizen discussions on several issues – MyGov.
9. Name the aircraft which crashed in Mali during July 2014 killing over a 100 passengers on-board – Air Algeria.
10. Which is the capital of Srilanka –Jayawardane Pure
11. Full form of BANCS –

Questions Asked For 26th, 27th July, 2014.

Questions Asked For 19th, 20th July, 2014.

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