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Subject : Andhra Pradesh Capital City Vijayawada .

The New Formed Andhra Pradesh State Has started it's Journey to become one of the top State, which already in top in Alphabetical Order, Now tends to be in emerging state with over various of natural resources and one of the best cm's of combined AP. Now ti has declared Vijayawada as it's New Capital City and Temporary capital as Kurnool City which is one of the old capital of Combined Andhra state by First CM Prakassam Pantulu.

The State has Over 7 Temples which has over 25cr income (including Tirupathi, Kadapa Darga, Srisailam etc). Which would include Best Tourism facilities to better income and every country will have high Per Capita Income which includes Sea  like China . Like this Andhra Has Second Largest Sea coastal Line over 9 districts coering over 940 Kms after Gujarat and Having Famous Ports like Visakhapatnam, Krishna Patnam Port,

Andhra Pradesh District wise alloments List

Mega Cities : 3 Mega Cities.
  1. Tirupathi
  2. Vijayawada
  3. Visakhapatnam
Smart Cities :  14 Smart Cities.
  1. Srikakulam, 
  2. Vijaynagaram, 
  3. Guntur, 
  4. Ongole, 
  5. Kadapa, 
  6. Kurnool, 
  7. Nellore
  8. Anathapuran, 
  9. Rajamundry, 
  10. Kakinada, 
Airports : 
  1. Kavali, 
  2. Ongole, 
  3. Kuppam, 
  4. Kurnool,  
  5. Srikakulam, 
  6. Vijaynagaram. 
Metro Railway : 
  • Tirupati 
  • Vijaywada 
  • Visakhapatnam
Official Emplem of andhra Padesh, Symbol of Andhra Pradesh State image, picture, Kalasha Meaning, Purna Kumbam Meaning
Symbols of Andhra Pradesh : 
Emblem : Kalasha
Language : Telugu,
Song : Maa Telugu Talliki,
Dance : Kuchipudi,
Animal : Black Buck,
Bird : Indian Roller,
Flower : Water Lily,
Fruit : Mango,
Tree : Neem,
Sport : Kabbaddi  .

Other faciliites for Andhra Pradesh : 
  • 24 hrs Power(Current) Facility  Provided by Central Government .
  • Mega Food Parks .
  • Neru Chettu (Tree - Water) For Better Environment .
  • Natural Gas Facility : Pine line for Each Houses .
  • 3 Mega Cities : Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupathi.
  • 14 Smart Cities : Srikakulam, Vijaynagaram, Guntur, Ongole, Kadapa, Kurnool, Nellore. Anathapuran, Rajamundry, Kakinada,
  • Metro Rail : Tirupati - Vjaywada - Visakhapatnam . 
  • Airports : Ongole, Kuppam, Kurnool, Kavali, Srikakulam, Vijaynagaram. 
  • Highway Corrider From Chennai - Kolkata , Bangalore - Hyderabad.
  • IT Hub

Andhra Pradesh district wise Factories, IT Hubs, Metro Rails, Highways, Universities, Campus
13 Districts :
  1. Ananthapuram : AIMS, IT Hub Connects Bangalore and Chennai, Putaparti Development, Horticulture Development.
  2. Kadapa : Cement Factory, Steel Factory, Urdu University,
  3. Kurnool : IIT, Nuclear Fuel Campus, Super Speciality Hospital, Railway Wagon Factory.
  4. Chitoor : IIT, Garden University, Int Airport to Tirupathi.
  5. Nellore : Automobile Hub, Institute of Hotel Management, Marine Institute, Fertilizers Factory, Durgarajapatnam as a National Port.
  6. Prakassam : Food Processing Unit
  7. Guntur : Agricultural University,
  8. Krishna : rocket center,
  9. West Godavari : NIT, Ceramic (Pingani) Factory.
  10. East Godavari : Petroleum University, Telugu University.
  11. Visakhapatnam : Port, Software Hub.
  12. Srikakulam : Birds Sanctuary, Electronics Hardware Units,
  13. Vijaynagaram :Green Field Airport, Tribal University.
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