IBPS PO - IV GA, Maths, Reasoning Questions on 12/10/2014

Subject : IBPS PO-4 English Questions and Quantitative Questions, Computer Morning, Evening Session

IBPS PO - IV General Awareness Questions Asked on 12th October, 2014 : Morning Session, and Evening Sessions.

General Awareness Questions Asked on 12/10/2014 Morning Session :
  1. Jan dhan additional insurance covrage ?
  2. United bank of india tag line
  3. 1 question on BSBDA
  4. Largest desert
  5. Najeeb jung Deputy Gov Of-
  6. Hanoi capital of -
  7. Half girlfrnd author-
  8. PGSY full form-
  9. Currency of china - yuan
  10. PPF allocated amount in-150000
  11. lowest density in 2011 - arunchal pardesh
  12. Nuclear power plant which place
  13. Director of Finding Fanny-
  14. RTGS Limit –
  15. expenditure to establish bank minimum amount -
  16. EBT full form-
  17. Hafeez is a leader of which Group?
  18. Unclaimed deposits –
  19. Governor of assam-
  20. PDF Full form-
  21. In MICR ‘R’ Represent –
  22. How to create in folder on desktop
  23. Linux is a..
  24. Banks get loan through repo by pledging what ?
  25. Who is john Kerry?
  26. Pre and post shipment related to
  27. Authorised dealer is a person authorised by RBI to deal in-Foreign Exchange
  28. RBI has recently mandate a two step mobile authentification for e-commerce-car rental company-UBER
  29. Banking account that has been not claimed for 10m yr-Unclaimed or Dormant account
  30. ABSA full form-Application supported by blocked account
  31. Settlement in RTGS to settle with in -
  32. BCSBI codes Banking Codes and Standards Board of India are related to-Banks
  33. Time Limit fixed by RBI for For Resolution of complaints of ATM not withdrawl money-7 days
  34. RRCAT rajaraman is located in-Indore,MP.
General Awareness Questions Asked on 12/10/2014 Evening Session :
  1. what is Current Repo Rate- 8%
  2. Priyanka Chopra play a role of Mary Kom in a movie, who is Mary kom- Boxer
  3. Full full of DBT- Direct Benefit Transfer
  4. Lisbon is the capital of - Portugal
  5. Currency of Saudi Arabia- Riyal
  6. What is 'C' in KYC- Customer
  7. What is 'I' in REIT- Investment
  8. Mary Barra is CEO of - General Motors
  9. According to RBI norms, what is minimum capital required for foriegn banks to open subsidaries in India-
  10. Asian Games held at- Incheon
  11. 'Together we can' is slogan of which Bank- Canara Bank
  12. "Pahla kadam , pahli udan" account launched by SBI is for- Children below 18 years
  13. Brics bank name - New Development Bank
  14. SEBI extended guide line to appoint at least one women in board of director- 31march 2015
  15. Upallu srinivas –Madolin
  16. RBI has recently reduced ATM Transaction for 5to 3 on which account it is not applicable- BSBDA
  17. Pension scheme for uorganised sector - Swavalamban
  18. Card launched by Indian Railway to avoid payment transaction during ticket booking is - Go India smart Card
  19. Government clears disinvestment in 3 PSU's which of the PSU in option given include in those PSU's -
  20. Cantolania referendum from which country- Spain
  21. Currently Rupay card used by which type of banks- all scheduled commercial banks
  22. Current pm of UK- David Cameroon
  23. Who was the Indian cricket team coach in the recent debacle against England in the investec test series- Duncan Fletcher
  24. Shivasundram hypro power project , state name.
  25. que on solar project
  26. which motor company ceo visited india recently - General Motors
  27. One question on ozone layer
  28. One question on real state infrastructure fund
  29. One question on senior citizen account
  30. Woman Card related question-

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