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Subject : PM Narendra Modi Launches eGramSwaraj Web portal as well as Mobile App .

e Gram Swaraj official Website to strengthen e-Governance in Panchayati Raj eGramSwaraj
Simplified Work Based Accounting Application for Panchayati Raj, Institutions (PRIs) across the country, Ministry of Panchayati Raj (MoPR) has launched eGramSwaraj, a user friendly web-based portal. eGramSwaraj aims to bring in better transparency in the decentralized planning, progress reporting and work-based accounting.

e Gram Swaraj portal & the mobile app will be launched by Prime minister Narendra Modi on 24 April 2020. At the occasion of National Panchyati Raj Day Modi interacted with Sarpanchds from across the nation via video conferencing at launch a new portal along with portal’s app. e Gram Swaraj Portal Mobile App.

eGramSwaraj facilitates decentralized planning, progress reporting, and accounting of activities. This brochure explains all the salient features of eGramSwaraj Application.

Features :
  • Panchayat Profile : Maintains Panchayat Profile with election Details, Elected Members, Committee, ets.
  • Planning : Facilitates the Planning of Activities and Action Plan Creation.
  • Progress Reporting : Records the physical and Financial progress of approved activities.
  • Accounting : Facilitates the work based accounting and monitoring of Funds
  • Asset Directory : Stores all the immovable and movable Assets. 
  • Technical Architecture supports inter operability with other PES Products
  • Simple and User Friendly. 
  • Work flow Enabled
  • Assets available on Gram Manchitra GIS
  • Supports multi-tenancy, multiple tenants in the same instance.
  • Strong Authentication Mechanism Based on Open Source Technologies.
  • Supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.
  • Web based available 24x7.
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