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10th class SSC 2015 Grading System Results | How Grading Process is calculated with marks

Subject : AP Tenth Class / SSC Grades 2015 and Grading Process with Marks Range .

Grading Process , Examples of Grading Process , Uses of Grading System For Students .
 The Grading Process is given subject wise for each and every subject based on grace points at the final list .Grades such as A1, A2,B1,B2,C1,C2,D1,D2,E/Fail . Total of 9 Grades , and the Points from 3-10 Points for each grade .There are no points for failure/failed candidates .The Total points are taken and added and then it is divided with number of subjects and the results will be given in points and thus it was the final points for the students and he can have a grade .10th class results 2015 grades and the results 2015 for 10th class results 2015 marks with grades are given below

Gujarat SSC Results e-Grades System, Results Declared: Download Now

Marks Range For all Subjects :

1st,3rd L,Non L/Subjects2nd L GradesPoints
75-8270-79B1 8

AP - Telanagana 10th Class Supplementary Scheduled Dates: Download Here

Gujarat SSC e - Grading System

91-100 Grade A1
81 -90Grade A2
71 - 80Grade B1
61-70 Grade B2
51 -60Grade C1
41 -50 Grade C2
35-40 Grade D
21-35Grade E1
00-20 Grade E2

Overall Grading Examples:
Above 90.00 : Grade A.
81.00 - 90.00 - Grade B2
61.00 - 80.00 -
Grade C1
41.00 - 60.00 -
Grade C2
35.00 - 40.00 -
Grade D
21 - 35 - E1
Below 21 - E2 : Needs Improvement

CBSE Grading System

91-100 A1 10.0
81 -90A2 9.0
71 -80B1 8.0
61-70 B2 7.0
51 -60C1 6.0
41 -50 C2 5.0
33-40 D 4.0
00-20 E2

1st L : First Language , 2nd L : Second Language , 3rd L : Third Language , Non L :  Non Languages .
Most of the Students are not knowing about the Grading Process, that how Grades are calculated , About Grading System for 10th class in andhra pradesh . What is Grading System ,How Grade Pionts are allocated ,

For Example :
A Student Achieved Every subject with 92-100 Marks Range , the he gets complete 10 Points each for every subject , then the total six subjects of 10 each and he get's 60 Points . with 6 Subjects
Thus 60 is divided by 6 : ( 60/6) and results 10 Points .

60/6 = 10 Points = A1 Grade  .

Grading System Uses : 
This was taken chiefly from the CBSE process in which most of the countries are following the grading process to restrict the students that not knowing the marks and be anxiety of other marks , that's reduce the pressure of less mark scores . and Especially to reduce the Private schools that to announce and Advertisements of High Rank scorers , Particularly it was a good idea by the AP SSC Board .

SSC Grading System Examples :

9.7, 9.3, 9.2 . . . : Grade A1
8.7, 8.5, 8.3 . . . : Grade A2
7.8, 7.5, 7.3 . . . : Grade B1
6.5, 6.8, 6.2 . . . : Grade B2
5.8, 5.5, 5.2 . . . : Grade C1

AP 10th Class Re-Counting, Re-verification, Re-Valuation details : Available Here

AP SSC Results will be Declared May 2015 : Available Here

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This is the very good decision of Govt of Andhra Pradesh

This grading system of so good that it really reduces the stress on the students.

very worst decision about this grading system..
if you conduct this way then there is no difference between merit student and dull student .....
Your GOVT. is spoiling all the lives of students and their future......TOO BADDDDDDD...........

yes grading reduces the stress of students it is much better than giving marks

yes grading reduces the stress of the student it is much better than giving marks

this is a great ******* system by our government :(

it the average is 9.5 wat abt the grade???

this is a very dirty prcs ....our govt is playin wid dis students lives...atleast marks should be revealed after some dayys......

yes it is very ugly descn...........? no one knows their marks.............

che varest greading process

i agree with ur comment..!!!!

I got 5.8 so how may marks i got? ant wit is this 5.8 can u plz tell me grade for 5.8

8.7 means how many marks

It is good idea of our govt becoz in previous cases so many students commited suicide becoz of verzy low marks if this process is continued there will no hesitation to the students to commit harm them selves..

the grading system is good but give the grade.
most of the people cnt understand the point system.

if average grading point is 9.8 then how many marks got??

Someone tell me 8.7 means which grade

its very gud decision as it reduces stress on students....mouktika reddy

ya that point system is creating a lot of confusion and headache how can we calculate the grade for 9.7 points???????????????

faltu decision............first be clear from ur side stupid govt maintain clarity u have no right to play with students........

tell me 8.8 means wich grade.. this so bad decision taken by our govt.if they give grades wht is diff bw 595 and 560 marks. all students got confused with these GPA.

7.3 means what is the result

7.3 means wat is the grade

how to calculate grade for 9.5 points

There is lot of confusion of the grading system and is bound to generate lot of controversies. The govt. should have intimated long before the exams have started . Its a knee jerk reaction to declare grades just before the results. In a way the govt. wants to crucify merit by generalizing the results. Its a real set back for the merit students. We have a great legacy of lowering the merit for the good of low graders way by reservation and grades.

I personallyy dont like this process... because there will be noo difference between an average student and an intelligent student...... ofcourse it might reduce stress on all schools and students but i dont like this decision ............ :(

No one student doesn't know his marks and how much they had subject for going to next step......

If average grading showing 9.8 then how many marks i got????

If there is showing 9.8 Grade then how many marks i got????

what is the overall grade of getting 9.5 overall points. this system was of total confusion. and we r not able to calculate the total marks of a student

if i receive my grad is 6.3 then apro'ly how many marks i got pls give me reply any one


very rubish decision taken by the ap govmt.... becoz it is very difficult to calculate the marks ... and according to the govmt decision a person gets 552 marks even if he gets 10 points..........veryyyyyyyyyy.....BAAAAAD......


you got 93% and got approximately 558 marks and got A1 grade

i got 10 points bt i want my marks sir plzzzzzz don`t spoil my life i want my marks......... it`s not fair for u sir.

my point is 10 so, how many marks i got. plz tel me sir.

What a ****** system our AP is copying. Today results were announced but do any body know what is their grade and what may be the minimum marks obtained.

I think it is waste of time searching for results. Officially results may be declared but technically speaking results were not declared

Please any one tell me that how to know Pass/Fail
with 4.8 Grade.

Please any one tell me that how to know Pass/Fail with 4.8 Grade.
Qualified or not?
Subject wise marks?

i got 8.8 gpa..
could u pls tell me my marks..
naveen B

i got 8.8 gpa...
could u pls tell my marks.

This is really very good system of our government
it really reduces the stress of studunts

I agree with them...

bcoz this is very relief for dull students..

not for merits..

i think the state GOVT shd immediately go for the Rabies...

poora pagal..

"very worst decision about this grading system..
if you conduct this way then there is no difference between merit student and dull student"

Finally this proves that our legislators who dont even know to sign, can again make rules...


Hello guys i have one doubt plz clarify any one of u

If i got 8.0 points out of 10. i.e 8/10=0.8
and total subjects 6 Nos i.e 6*100 = 600
then we may calculate our marks as 0.8*600 =480
So i got 480/600.
is this calculation is right or not.

My ssc GPA was 9.3 then what is my grade A1 or A2 ?

its gud decision but can any one tell me if it is only in AP

grading system is a good system

this is gud for bad students but not so gud for intelligent students..because grade will be same for bath student who have score 81% and 89%..........

grading system is gud for bad students but not seems to be very gud for gud students..because grade will be same for botha who have score 81% and who have score 89%........

do they show us marks in the original ssc certificate or is it only grades and points

Sirrrr my cosuin got 9.5 ...... i dont understand .....plz help me ..... is this the toppest i need to tell to my father ....why last minuite Gov is making such decision and confuse'ng us .... i am getting mental... plz plz plz some one tell what is the total obtained markss

very worst decision about this grading system..
if you conduct this way then there is no difference between merit student and dull student .....
......TOO BADDDDDDD...........

No thats not correct. Even I donno the exact calculation but I can say that if we think like that then all the people who got 10 points must get 600/600. Which is not posible..
Those who get 550-600 all will be considered as same grade A1 or 10 points.
Tgeir is no diff berween the person who got 595 and the person who got 555

8.3 means which grade A2 or B1.

wonderful good grading system i love it

Obviously, all students are left confused with the new grading system. It doesn’t really show the worth of a candidate. For example, a student with GPA 10 would have scored less total marks than a student of GPA 9.7! Marks of Student of GPA 10 : 92+90+92+92+92+92=550. Marks of Student of GPA 9.7: 88+90+88+99+98+96=559! So don’t worry about GPA. You can never know your exact marks through GPA.

Very Worst Decision of Grading System in 10th Class
No one can compare between Intelligent Student and Dull Student

Very BAD Decision by India's Education Department

Finally govt did a good thing

I got 9 A+ and 1 A in 10th Exam .How do I calculate percentage ?

koi tai A+ grade asle A+ pawa jabe plz janaben

This grading systm is vvvvvry nyc...it reduces our stress and fear towards marks...

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