AP Latest Current Chargers 2020 , Electricity Rates Hikes In AP Again. Power Bill, Telescopic Method For Different Slabs

Subject : AP Electricity Charges is likely to be Rise.

AP Electricity Current Power Bill Shocks
Latest Current Charges From April 2020

Andhra Pradesh Power Charges, Current Bills with Units

Category A (House Hold)
UnitsPrice Per Unit
0 - 50 1.45 Rs
51 - 75 2.60 Rs

Category - B (House Hold)
UnitsPrice Per Unit
0 - 100 2.60 Rs
101 - 200 3.60 Rs
201 - 225 6.90 Rs

Category - C (House Hold)
UnitsPrice Per Unit
0 - 50 2.60 Rs
51 - 100 3.60 Rs
101 - 200 6.90 Rs
201 - 300 2.60 Rs
301 - 400 3.60 Rs
401 - 500 6.90 Rs
500 + Units 6.90 Rs

Business Purpose
UnitsPrice Per Unit
0 - 50 (up to 55 KV)
(75 KV Major)
5.40 Rs
0 - 50 6.90 Rs
51 - 100 7.65 Rs
101 - 300 9.05 Rs
301 - 500 9.60 Rs
500 + Units 10.15 Rs
Advertisement Boarding12.25 Rs
Function Halls12.25 Rs
Electricity Vehicles6.70 Rs

Factory Purpose
UnitsPrice Per Unit
Up to 75 KV 6.70 Rs
Seasonal Factories (75 KV)7.45 Rs
Seasonal Factories (20 KV)3.75 Rs
Electricity Lamps, NTR Sujala Sravanti,
7.0 Rs

The Below were the Previous Power Charges Applied on previous year these are for reference only.

The Present Electricity Charges are given above with Detailed Category . In Andhra Pradesh the current charges are likely to be raise, because of lack of scarcity in electricity, so it need to be increase and cover some of debts for APTRANSCO, APGENCO. Not only for the Industries but also households also, only relief for the house holds who are below 100 units per month, and even after a big margin will be placed, which not only the current but also electricity bill also shocks the consumers, with in month which most of the consumers are heavily suppressed by the surcharge, now its Discom shocks. The Electricity charge will be count by the telescopic type, and now it's Non-telescopic unit charges, which every unit will be charged by the pupil.
Andhra Pradesh, Telangana Units wise Current Bill
The Electricity Charges list details via units are given below. There is a Large variation between previous bills to present bills. Every person such as small industry, large scale industry,  house holds all are in the section of unit charges hold. The Power charges applied in the state with the power cuts also.
Note : The Charges For 0-200 Units were unchanged, they were as earlier.

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