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Group-I Services16928/01/2019Download Here
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Lectures in Polytechnic Colleges40527/02/2019Download Here
Fisheries development Officers4308/02/2019Download Here
Lectures in Degree Colleges30826/02/2019Download Here
Assistant Inspector in Fisheries1008/02/2019Download Here
Deputy Executive Information Engineers0512/02/2019Download Here
Divisional Officers(Works)Grade III2030/01/2019Download Here
Assistant Public Relational Officers1523/01/2019Download Here
Telugu Translator in AP Secretariat0223/01/2019Download Here
Inspector of Boiler Services0325/01/2019Download Here
Assistant Electrical Inspectors0325/01/2019Download Here
Hindu Institutions and Endowments Services0719/01/2019Download Here
Extension Officer For Women10918/01/2019Download Here
Agriculture Officer2729/01/2019Download Here
Junior Lecturers in Intermediate23729/01/2019Download Here

AP Inter Supplementary, Improvement 2017 Time Table, Exam Dates

Subject : AP Intermediate Improvement, Advance Supplementary General, Vocational Time Table Schedule Starts From May, 2017.

The Andhra Pradesh State has finally announced the results for both the years, Which the exams will be conducted on . The Intermediate Advance Supplementary Results 2017 will be in the month of June. Now it's time for Inter First Year Improvement Time table, Supplementary Examinations as well as Second Year Supplementary Timetable. The Time Table (General Courses) for the FIRST and SECOND year was released by the Intermediate Public Advanced Supplementary Examinations (Theory) May, 2017, for both the Practical, Environmental Examinations and Theory Examinations timing and date schedule, For any other details you can visit to the official website of AP Intermediate Board : . 

Intermediate 2017 Examinations Fee Details, RE-VERIFICATION And RE-COUNTING PARTICULRS - REG. .

AP Inter Recounting Dates, Re verification fees, first year inter improvement dates, secon year inter supply dates 2017

a) The Practical Examinations will be conducted from in  two sessions from 9.00 AM to 12.00 PM & 2.00 PM to 5.00 PM.. Intermediate  Public  Advanced  Supplementary Examinations, May/June 2017 (Theory)  will  be  held  from .
b) Environmental Education Examination.

I year Examinations Dates, Timing  : 9.00 AM to 12.00 Morning .

 : 2nd Language Paper-I
 : English Paper-I
 : Mathematics Paper-I A , Botany Paper-I , Civics Paper-I , Psychology Paper-I.
 : Mathematics Paper-I B , Zoology Paper-I , History Paper-I ,
 :  Physics Paper-I , Economics Paper-I , Classical Language Paper-I.
 : Chemistry Paper-I , Commerce Paper-I , Sociology Paper-I , Fine Arts , Music Paper-I.
 : Geology Paper-I , Home Science Paper-I , Public Administration Paper-I ,                        Logic  Paper-I , Bridge Course Maths Paper-I (For B.P.C Students).
 : Modern Language Paper-1, Geography Paper-1.

II year Examinations Dates, Timing : 2.30 PM to 5.30 PM After Noon 

 : 2nd Language Paper-II
 : English Paper-II
 : Mathematics Paper-II A , Botany Paper-II , Civics Paper-II , Psychology Paper-II.
 : Mathematics Paper-II B , Zoology Paper-II , History Paper-II ,
 :  Physics Paper-II , Economics Paper-II , Classical Language Paper-II.
: Chemistry Paper-II , Commerce Paper-II , Sociology Paper-II , Fine Arts ,                        Music Paper-II.
 : Geology Paper-II , Home Science Paper-II , Public Administration Paper-I ,                        Logic  Paper-II , Bridge Course Maths Paper-II (For B.P.C Students)
 : Modern Language Paper-1, Geography Paper-1.

AP Intermediate Results 2017 Released

For Any Re-Counting, Re-Verification, Re-Valuation Details : Available Here


  1. do i have any chance to wright examinations for inter second year improvement ?? give me reply as soon as possible thankqu

  2. No, In Inter Second Year there are no Improvement Examinations, If any one have failed they have Supplementary.

    First Year : Improvement , Supplementary
    Second Year : Supplementary Only.
    Thank You .

  3. Why hall tickets for improvement exam for INTER 1st year MPC were not issued when exams are starting from 25th May.

  4. Sir is star mark is there for inter 2nd year failure students plz reply

  5. To
    Mr. Sharat Kumar,

    Yes, Star Mark will be displayed on the subject, when you finally passed in the total intermediate examination, The CMM for inter in two years marks will be displayed in one marks list and you will have star mark which you have passed last. That means which you have failed and written advance supplementary exam.

    Thank You Kindly send your comments for my mail ', . . .

  6. sir please display a.p betterment timetabel

  7. Miss Reshma.

    See Betterment or Improvement exams can be written on the same date on which supplementary exams are written. So, there is no seperate timetable for improvement or supply.

  8. what is the last date for inter secondyear supllimentary exams?

  9. Supplementary exam time table 2016 pls

  10. i have fail zoology in 1st year but i am eligible for improvement exams s or no tell me please..

  11. What is the cost for each subject for 1st year students.

  12. What is the cost of each subject for 1st year students..

  13. If in improvements we get even more less marks than the exams which we wrote previouly.....then what marks will be considered? Please reply fast as soon aa possible!!

    1. If u got low marks in betermnt. Than ur previous marks will be considerd

    2. If u got low marks.than ur previu
      Ous marks will be considerd

  14. Is there any star Mark is printed in inter certificate when we attempt inter second year supplementary for the first time ???

    1. Yes star MAry applys for the exam you have written last time.

      Eg: When you have failed in one subject and written that in supplementary you have a star mark in marks list to that subject, indicates that subject was last passed

  15. can we write improvement exams for only selected subjects?? or should we write all the exams??

    pls reply fast

  16. Yes Mr.Aditya you can write selective subjects .

    Thank You .

  17. I am venkat....after announcement of reevaluation marks and when will the availability of download of photocopy will be done..

    1. The Board will indicate the revaluation marks and the photocopy can be avail to the college, or the copy can be downloaded from the official website .