APPSC Notifications 2021

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Subject : Official Website For Protection of AP Depositors .

The Andhra Pradesh Government has started a website for the depositors who deposited in various Companies, In which companies has closed due to loss or fraud management, so many of the depositors are on the road for Justice for the the AP Government has ordered the police department to make justice, For that the AP Police Department (CID) has launched the website for the Depositors to help and give the loss of money. The Depositors need to give a various mode of Document to upload at the Official Website: . Agri Gold, Siri Gold, Abhaya Gold, N Mart, PACL, Sri Vatsala Depositors money refund portal by APCID department. Register if you are a victim of Ponzi saving and chit fund schemes at

This new web portal for collection of victims of Ponzi schemes. Ponzi shemes are nothing but an Illegal private mushroom type companies collect money in terms of monthly and deposits turn over the board next moment. The list now in only AP state is comprised of about 23 companies. Now to refund and recover the money collected from public Ap police, CID department jointly started website. This website is live from mid March 2016.

For SPSR Nellore District :
The Nellore district people have to visit to the respected centers, For more details visit nellore police website : , .

Details to be Submitted by the Depositor : 
Enter Your Full Name.
Enter communication and residential Address.
Mobile Number.
E-mail address
Enter PAN, Aadhar Card Number, Voter Id card.
Enter Amount deposited or lost in company.
Enter current Amount refunded in past. Now enter balance Amount to be paid.
Upload address proof (Aadhar card is advised).
Upload recept documents, Bonds, Bounced cheques.

Main objective of this website is collecting the details of victims of fraud companies offering savings, Higher interest, Regular Deposit schemes. Every people are eligible to fill the details in online. In recent years the list is more and more. After Speak scam Agrigold is second biggest in India. After Agrigold many other companies are very much followed its way. According to the survey This total initiative is for facilitating 10.5 lak depositors Ap state wide. More than 35000 crores are lost by Indian people because of ponzi schemes.

How to Upload Document in the Agri gold bonds in ap depositors website.
What Document to be uploaded in Ap Depositors website .
How to appeal and register details of Agrigold, Nmart, Siri Gold, Abhaya Gold in CID website?

List of fraud ponzi scheme companies are :
  1. Agri Gold : .
  2. Abhaya Gold : .
  3. Akshaya Gold : .
  4. Akshita Gold : .
  5. Avani Gold : .
  6. Vasantha Gold : .
  7. Siri Gold : .
  8. Forever Gold : .
  9. Bommarillu farms : .
  10. Mythri Lands : .
  11. PACL : .
  12. Sri Vatsala : .
  13. N Mart : .
  14. SIMS : .
  15. Gold Quest : .
  16. RMD infoTECH : .
  17. Kesava Reddy School : .
  18. Maheshwara Get It : .
  19. VR chits : .
  20. Keerthi Sai Chits : .
  21. Subhadarsi Chits : .
  22. Amway : .
  23. HIM Cases etc. : . 
Now click register details button. You will allotted an application registration number. After recovery of money you will be contacted via phone or email.


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