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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Subject : ISRO 100th Satellite Vehicle Launch on 9th September, 2012 on 9:30A.M onwards .

The PSLV-C21 Mission will be launch on 09:51 hrs. IST (September 9, 2012) at Satish Dhawan Space Center (SDSC), Shriharikota, India.

The PSLV ( Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle ) , The PSLV is the first operational launch vehicle of ISRO. PSLV is capable of launching 1600 kg satellites in 620 km sun-synchronous polar orbit and 1050 kg satellite in geo-synchronous transfer orbit. In the standard configuration, it measures 44.4 m tall, with a lift off weight of 295 tonnes. 

The PSLV has four stages using solid and liquid propulsion systems alternately. The first stage is one of the largest solid propellant boosters in the world and carries 139 tonnes of propellant. A cluster of six strap-ons attached to the first stage motor, four of which are ignited on the ground and two are air-lit.This is launching two satellites , Launch of PSLV-C21 Carrying French Satellite SPOT 6 and Japanese Satellite PROITERES   PSLV-C21 will inject SPOT-6 and PROITERES satellites into an orbit of 655 km altitude at an inclination of 98.23o.

Typical Parameters of PSLV : 
Lift-off weight : 295 tonne
Pay Load  : 1600 kg in to 620 km Polar Orbit, 1060 kg in to Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (GTO)
Height  : 44 metres

SPOT 6 - French Satellite
PROITERES - Japanese Satellite

PSLV-C21/SPOT-6 Mission
SPOT-6, an advanced French Remote Sensing Satellite built by ASTRIUM SAS, will be launched on-board ISRO's Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C21), on 9th September 2012. Along with SPOT - 6 Satellite (weighing nearly 800 kg), the PSLV, in its core alone configuration, will also carry other co-passenger payloads.


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